The University of Waikato - Te Whare Wānanga o Waikato
Data Mining


The Calibration Advice Server enables you to upload your calibration files for optimization and evaluation using our advanced machine learning techniques.

After the optimization process, you will receive an email with the results:

  • Summary statistics
  • Actual vs predicted plot
  • Predictions used for plot

Supported formats:

  • ADAMS multi-spectrum files
  • CSV (header row; ref column name same as supplied calibration variable name)
  • FOSS CAL files
  • WEKA ARFF (class attribute name same as supplied calibration variable name)

The idea of this server is that you can test-drive our services for free, before having commit to anything.

If you are a paying customer, then you will receive the best Weka classifier setup in your email as well. This setup can be used straight away within ADAMS.